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Akmed’s Camel is all about keeping traditional Irish and Scottish music alive here in the United Kingdom. This online magazine was founded by Anthony Grant, enlisted personnel and surely the biggest fan of Ceilidh music across the globe.

Are you familiar with Ceilidh (pronounced “kay-lee”) music? Ceilidh music is a combination of Scottish, Irish, and English music that is played to accompany people dancing. That’s right, it is music meant for dancing.

If that is the case, then how come most people around the globe are not familiar with this type of music. That is a question for another day.

Akmed’s Camel

Grant founded Akmed’s Camel back in 2011. By founded we mean, he started a blog with the same name. The blog was meant to educate people about traditional Irish and Scottish music. It is not just about to keep these types of music alive but also inspiring more people to get engaged and listen to it.

In March 2011, Grand released a blog series titled “The Music of Yesterday.” It was a 15-page blog entry that talked all about Ceilidh music and how people are keeping it alive today. He talked about the origin of the music and its unique ensemble.

After no more than a week, the blog’s audience grew from 150 to nearly 900 readers, mostly from Grant’s hometown in Cudworth.

As the years went by, Grand continued to populate the blog with more content about traditional Irish and Scottish music. The blog got its big break back in 2014 when Grant was invited as a guest speaker at the renowned Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Grant talked about folk music and the blog. The blog once again got a massive increase in readers after a month. In May 2014, the blog had nearly 3,500 readers and by August 2014 that went up to nearly 11,000 across the UK.

After that, Grant’s blog was the talk of the town and he decided to turn it into a full-on online magazine. And the rest will go down in history for sure.